Meet The Team

Our team brings together a wide variety of expertise and decades of expertise to deliver a one-stop solution to your business.

Zach Waickman

Chief Executive Officer

Zach Waickman is the CEO of Primera Group Inc., and holds a BA and MBA from Loyola University Chicago. Zach has extensive knowledge of and experience with zoning analysis, finance modeling, strategic project development, and consulting services. Since joining Primera in 2011, Zach has overseen projects in residential real estate, commercial project consulting, planned development, and strategic business partnerships. In addition of real estate development and consulting, Zach has experience in chemical manufacturing management in the renewable fuel industry, teaching green business practices at the university level, and advising non-profits working with kids in Chicago’s west side neighborhoods.

Personal Info

Highlights to help you get to know us us better.

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship from Loyola University Chicago
  • Cleveland, OH native
  • Founding Board Member of the Loud Grade Produce Squad, urban farming and biofuels NFP